Art of Gabriel Mark Lipper

Gabriel Lipper controls his own universe where he is always invited to the party, but where the characters look at the painter slightly perturbed by his intrusion into their scene of intimate self absorption.  Members of high society, situate in groups, but rarely engaged with each other.  In the April issue of Nashville Arts, writer Emme Nelson Baxter takes a look at the 39 year old Oregon based painter and his recent work titled Thoroughbred.

Words from the painter:

“I love to paint.  I’ve been blessed by timing.  To be alive right now for this chapter in arts history is a phenomenal gift.  Classicism, once pronounced “dead” is reemerging with a new contemporary vitality.  The gifts of modernism: color, form, and abstraction, are now being seamlessly integrated with the craftsmanship and techniques of the past.  How wonderful to have so much wealth at my fingertips!”