Smart Ways to Land Your Next Gig

Whether landing a gig performing creative works or supplying the needed income to stay alive and quit dreaming up the empty pages of the idea book with unwarranted ambitions that retard out before the difficulty begins, finding respectable employment is very possible.  Jennifer Reingold of Fast Company wrote an article that pin points various ways to make an impact on someone you don’t know but may find pleasure in working for.

I have included the contact information of five different individuals at Rolling Stone.  Make sure your email is tight and that your content is glitch free and ready to be passed along the chain of command.

1. Weiner, Jonah, Contributing Editor,, New York

2. Will Dana, Managing Editor,

3. St. John, Phoebe, Associate Editor,, New York

4.  Leeds, Sarene, Assistant Editor,, New York

5.  Holmes, Julia, Assistant Editor,